It is one thing to have a successful business that returns its money back into the community promoting growth, and it’s another when that business fosters and promotes business and opportunity as its businessEidi Properties values our communities and we are committed to circulating our success. This ethic is why we are so proud of what we do. We provide business opportunities for other business owners. This model stimulates our local economies and allows for continuous business and community development.

At Eidi Properties, we are not satisfied to merely profit from the real estate opportunities we discover. We are committed to sharing these favorable circumstances with fellow entrepreneurs so that we can hire people in the community, purchase goods and services, and create growth and employment opportunities that benefit everyone.

Civic Pride And Career Development

When you see one of our shopping centers, you can easily witness that they are well maintained and thriving assets to our community. Included in that are the employees who work in the stores earning wages that they then spend on commerce that expands the cycle. These shopping centers are also places where our employees can learn valuable skills, gain management experience and business training.

Each store, which is independently owned and operated, requires the appropriate employee infrastructure for their needs. This often includes the development of sales teams, management, accounting, advertising and more. By providing a fertile environment for these businesses to prosper, we help nurture and cultivate these essential economic skills that can be leveraged and used to succeed by all of those involved.

A Culture That Promotes Prosperity

Each person employed earns money that they can spend on all of the things they desire. Most of this money is returned to our local community through purchases, which grows our economy. Each business helps the commerce footprint expand and evolve.

This makes us proud when we purchase a property. When we do, we know that the purchase was beneficial to the seller. We also benefit those we hire to maintain the properties and upgrade their surroundings. Then, we offer opportunities to local and national businesses to provide goods and services in the community. The community receives aesthetic and convenient access to goods and services as well as employment opportunities.

Each employment opportunity contains the potential for career development, skills training and experience. Every step in this chain returns benefit back to our neighborhoods. Every business and employee pays taxes, which go to support the local communities, organizations and development. And when a tenant or employee does well enough, then they have the experience and exposure that can lead them to expand as we did, providing more commerce to the cycle as well as expand charitable contributions and civic engagement.

Ultimately, Eidi Properties is a for-profit company, but we see the term profit in a much broader sense. If the people we work with, the community we live in and the culture we create doesn’t benefit, then we don’t profit. However, if we can provide value to the world around us, then we all profit and that is the kind of world our company wants to promote.

This article was written by Jerry Mooney.