With over 100 years of senior management experience, Eidi Properties knows what it takes to successfully operate shopping centers through up and down cycles in real estate, credit market and retailing environments.

We maintain expert in-house capabilities to support all critical real estate services, guided by a hands-on, proactive management style.

In the last two years, we have nearly doubled our commercial real estate holdings.

We have established and continue to maintain excellent relationships with financial institutions to facilitate the financing of our real estate developments and acquisitions. A survivor in a changing market and an innovator in a booming economy, we have prepared for a very successful future.

These strengths enable Eidi Properties to make essential acquisition, development, leasing and financing decisions in a timely manner and in a fashion that is most appropriate for the unique requirements of each investment opportunity.

Although Eidi Properties is poised to enjoy a period of unprecedented, yet carefully managed growth over the next five years, its ultimate goal is to add value to its properties and communities. Our expertise as an owner, operator and manager of shopping centers, Eidi Properties has the in-house expertise to deliver mission-critical real estate services in each of the following areas:

Leasing– With a keen eye for opportunity and an ear to the ground, we provide national, regional and local tenants with innovative leases and the “right” retail space to grow their businesses.
Acquisitions– As an entrepreneurial investor with long-term perspective, Eidi Properties has successfully acquired a many of shopping centers by meeting timelines, maintaining flexibility and negotiating fairly.
Property Management– Attractive, well managed properties, prompt on-the-ground service and a strong focus on expense control meet the needs of tenants and consumers alike.

Who We Are

Ramy Eidi

President and CEO

Robert Ruiz

Vice President

Doug Flick

Director of Real Estate

Carol Peatee


Eric Warden

Maintenance Supervisor

Nicoline Hart

Office Manager

Robert Sauer


Mike Cartell

Director of Marketing

Tyler Chamberlain


Sarah Pierce

Portfolio Manager

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