At Eidi Properties, we understand that our success is dependent on the success of our tenants: If they don’t succeed, we don’t succeed. This is a simple fact that motivates us and has become our motto. But, this is only accomplished by creating an environment that fosters success. Therefore, we work tirelessly to provide all of the necessary resources, pay close attention to details, and only develop commercial properties that meet criteria that all but insure success.

Many factors go into this commitment. First of all, we work primarily with properties in our region. This allows us to personally inspect and observe the operation of each location. If the facilities need anything, we can easily see this from our own, personal observations. This can be as simple as a coat of paint in order to maintain proper aesthetics or as complicated as observing the need for expansion due to growth.

We also work hand in hand with our local municipalities in order to assist in providing well designed infrastructure with good ingress and egress. These are essential processes that are often unseen, but critical to the success of our tenants and to a positive experience created by our properties.

We do encourage communications with our tenants, but in the event they are reluctant to speak up, our hands-on approach keeps us in the loop on necessary matters. This also allows us to monitor the surrounding communities in order to understand concerns, market forces and opportunities. By maintaining a local presence, we can better provide responsive and appropriate assistance to our tenants and our properties, which better serves the community.

Additionally, we scout the locations we own very carefully. We want to make sure that our commercial properties are located in areas with easy access, vibrant community support and local interest. This assures that tenants will have the opportunity to thrive in their endeavours. Leasing a store in a location where nobody wants to visit is a recipe for failure. And if our tenants fail, so do we. That is why each location is prime real estate teeming with commercial potential. This commitment also attracts larger, national tenants as anchor stores. These anchor stores provide stability to the property, help keep rates low and attract consistent shoppers which benefits all tenants.

We also understand that many small businesses start with a simple idea or dream. But, funding these ideas can be very challenging. Therefore, we offer in-house leases with attractive and innovative terms. This allows us to assist the merchants in growing their dreams, while being financially responsible and ultimately profitable. This flexibility allows tenants to run their stores without excessive burdens due to credit restraints that often accompany new business ventures. The more money they can save, the more they can invest in improving their store, their products and prices which all leads to success.

Our efforts to provide a successful culture for our tenants isn’t merely lip service. Our methods are designed to cultivate success and respond to the dynamic business conditions that are always changing. We work hard to provide access to commercial real estate to our tenants that will allow for success, while providing value to our community. These efforts reinforce the pride we have in our business and our community.