It is well known that quality infrastructure with easy access is good for business. Stores are reluctant to locate in areas where the surroundings are unattractive. Shoppers avoid malls with poor access or chaotic parking. People also don’t want to deal with hectic traffic conditions due to the business location.

We, at Eidi Properties, take these considerations very seriously. We target locations with quality access and parking — or potential parking — and we work with local authorities to help create zoning that facilitates prime business development.

A recent example of our commitment to maintaining excellent infrastructure can be seen at a retail strip center near the Dayton, Ohio mall showcasing Eidi Properties’ guarantee to major upgrades and renovations. This project included enhancements to the parking lot, the exterior aesthetics, as well as the lighting. The upgrades have created an attractive facility for potential tenants and reinforces our commitment to tenant relations. The goal is to bring the mall back to its full potential as a premier retail location.

By committing to top-notch infrastructure, first-class maintenance and facilities that cultivate success, we create an environment for prosperity for our tenants because people are more enthusiastic about shopping at such locations. More shoppers improves business for everyone involved.

Therefore, we uphold a strong commitment to our locations and know that this promise spills over into our community. As we improve local buildings, we assist in upgrading the value and beauty of our surrounding community. Nobody wants to live, shop and work in an area that is dilapidated and crying out for restoration.

Quality infrastructure is key to our success as well as a reflection of our values. When properties are not well maintained, they become less valuable. From a business perspective, we understand this provides us an opportunity to buy a property that might have a good location, but needs some attention. When we acquire a neglected property, renovating it adds value to our investment, our tenants and upgrades the beauty of the community.

We are also committed to working with appropriate municipalities to insure that our neighborhoods sustain well maintained roads with easy access to our properties. When we have smart zoning laws and governmental commitments to development, our communities develop in ways that benefit everyone.

When traffic is less congested and accessing shopping is easy, people have a better shopping experience which increases the willingness to shop at our locations. Our input helps authorities ensure development is most beneficial for the business community and the supporting population. Working together, we help create quality developments which foster a culture of positive shopping, business management and community gathering.

Creating this type of experience is critical in the modern world, where shopping can easily be done online. However, communities thrive when there are good social options, where shopping isn’t merely about the purchasing, but where people can walk, socialize, eat and enjoy the experience.

We understand that if we are going to attract customers to a location, in a world with limitless shopping options, we must provide excellent infrastructure to ensure people choose to shop at our properties. They must also leave with a positive feeling about their experience so they will want to return. When this feeling is prominent, our tenants, our shoppers and the surrounding community all benefit.