Shopping in local shopping centers is still an important part of our daily experience. While people shop online, there is a growing sense that neighborhood shopping centers are critical to the community. Because of that, we are committed to a mixed recipe that includes big and small merchants.

Developing commercial property in communities across Ohio requires a balance of anchoring shopping centers with big-brand stores and providing opportunity for local businesses. Using nationally recognized brands to anchor our strip plazas helps insure that these shopping hubs have the resources needed to survive. Having local stores allows the community to thrive.

By big-brand or anchor stores it is understood that these are large, usually publicly held retailers like Kohl’s, Dick’s Sporting Good, Big Lots and Chik Fil A at a location. Such stores bring well known brands to the the location as well as provide stability. People know they can walk into any Dick’s Sporting Goods and get the newest Fitbit or soccer equipment. They understand that Kohl’s can supply their household needs like appliances, clothing and toys.

This allows people a sense of familiarity. They know they can get a chicken sandwich if they get hungry and they know there will be certain, established, well known commodities among the variety of stores. Anchor stores provide shoppers with a sense of comfort because they know what to expect.

Local merchants provide variety and an infusion of the local culture. As shoppers walk around, they experience not merely the big name brand stores, but local stores run by those who live locally and often create locally made products, as well. One store may offer an exotic assortment of teas and soaps, while another might make handmade art. Local merchants also tend to have an understanding of the demands of their neighbors and can satisfy these needs.

Because we value local businesses, we provide attractive leasing that supports small businesses and helps maintain a profitable bottom lines. We extend flexible terms and create in-house contracts in order to be responsive to and supportive of our tenants. All of our efforts are conducted with the values that we hold dear and reflect back on our community. We do this to foster diversity among our merchants and provide goods and services from all walks of life to local shoppers. This would not be possible if our terms were prohibitive to small businesses.

The balance is important, because the anchor stores provide known commodities and the smaller shops fill in the gaps. But there is another important dynamic. Anchor stores insure stability because it has the financial resources that can be relied on. By providing a stable source of lease revenue, the anchor stores allow us at Eidi Propertiesto keep our lease rates lower for local and smaller businesses. The combination is critical for a well balanced shopping location.

We at Eidi Properties understand the need to balance the big and the small in order to best serve our tenants, our customers and our community. We are committed to this in order to ensure success, enjoyable shopping experiences as well as a positive impact on our local society.