As a contributing writer to Eidi Properties, I was recently able to observe its operations up close and personal. This was an impressive experience from the well-appointed style of the office to the quality of the commercial real estate sites I visited. However, it was the people and culture of the business that really stood out — and, it clearly starts at the top, with Ramy Eidi, founder and CEO, who generously invited me in, showed me around and treated me to dinner at one of his tenant’s sushi restaurant, Domo Sushi. The restaurant was top notch and it is surrounded on all sides by thriving businesses. This left me with an immediate impression of a successful enterprise.

Even though Ramy embodied the culture he expects for his business, his commitment to the business is an ethic that extends throughout the organization. Everyone who works at Eidi Properties was friendly and filled with an obvious sense of organizational pride. One story shared with me by Eric Warden, the maintenance supervisor, was particularly heartening. Eric explained that there was an issue with a contractor where they couldn’t show up at a critical time during a renovation.

The contractor was sorry but had experienced an issue that forced a delay. The merchants of the location would be adversely affected, however, if the renovation wasn’t completed on time. Undaunted, Eric and Vice President Robert Ruiz sped to the location, rolled up their sleeves, picked up hammers and began the demolition work themselves. Of course, this isn’t either one of their jobs, but the team spirit that emanated from everyone involve meant completing the project on time, regardless of unforeseeable setbacks.

Asked about it, both Robert and Eric modestly shrugged and demurred, suggesting that the work needed to be done and they wanted to make sure Eidi Properties fulfilled its promises to its merchants. Referencing the quote about actors, where there are no small roles, only small actors, they both felt their priority is the success of the company, even if that means swinging a hammer.

Observing the team members at Eidi Properties, it is no wonder that the company has such a successful growth arc. With over 150 million dollars in holdings, which produce millions annually in growing lease revenue, it is easy to point to the financial success and conclude that the company is business savvy. Although that is true, companies are made up of people and the people create the unique style and policies that ultimately result in those successes. Experiencing Eidi Properties first-hand showed me the intangible qualities that are often ignored, but essentia