Ramy Eidi, the CEO of commercial real estate company Eidi Properties, has donated $25,000 to the Salvation Army on behalf of his company.

The donation, which was made during a special ceremony last week at Eidi Properties’ head office in Toledo, was presented by Mr. Eidi to the Salvation Army’s Captain Robert Whitney.

The funds will go towards helping the globally renowned not-for-profit organization carry out its essential work, which includes delivering innovative and highly successful programs that: care for the poor, restore broken families, feed the hungry, and educate youth. The Salvation Army is pledged to deliver compassionate and practical social welfare services to people of all religions, as well as to those with no religious base.

“The incredible, transformative work carried out every single day by the Salvation Army’s dedicated staff and volunteers is an inspiration, and the hope, strength and success that they foster is both life-affirming and life-changing,” commented Mr. Eidi, whose company has made philanthropy and giving back to the community a cornerstone of its vision and mission.

Added Mr. Eidi: “To be frank, it was never my intention to publicize this donation, because charity should never be about the giver — it should always be about the recipient, and the focus should be on the vital work that they do. However, I was eventually persuaded to briefly step into the spotlight, because it may inspire other business leaders to make a difference. When we support renowned and trusted charities, we don’t just strengthen individuals and families. We empower entire communities – and that is the best way to achieve positive transformation, and lasting change for all.”

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