Our story began in 1993 with a small 2700 square foot corner tavern in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio. I was right out of college, trying to balance the tavern with a mortgage against it and a borrowed line of credit against my parent’s home. It was a precarious time but I knew I had to make ends meet no matter my circumstances.

Throughout high school and college, I worked alongside my late father, who allowed me to spread my wings and have input in business decisions at a young age — after all, I always wanted to be a businessman. My journey to reach my goal was paved with failures and successes. Yet, I learned and grew from every failure and I gave back with each success — and, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Fast forward a couple decades later and as I look around from inside Eidi Properties headquarters, I’m filled with pride and knowledge that with focus and determination we can all achieve our goals no matter how high we aim.

Today, Eidi Properties stands as a premiere commercial real estate firm, specializing in commercial real estate acquisitions with primary holdings in retail and neighborhood shopping centers. We are ranked as one of the largest independently owned real estate investment companies in Ohio. With our strong ties to the Toledo community, we have built this company’s success on integrity, hard work, and giving back. But, what matters most to us, now and always, is our reputation and maintaining good relationships with our tenants and our communities.

It all goes back to the beginning as a young businessman and my dedication to my first business — that small corner tavern —  where I applied the same principles to that property as I do today because my dad always told me, if you take care of your business, your business will take care of you. That belief holds true today and is our company motto: “Our Tenants Success Is Our Success”. This is why we do everything in our power to ensure that they are successful.

As I write this, I’m filled with excitement for what’s ahead. Thank you for being here and thank you for being part of our future.

CEO & Founder, Ramy Eidi