The idea that you can squeeze a penny is common, but it is not how we at Eidi Properties conduct our business. We work hard to profit and cultivate profits for our tenants and clients. We take tremendous pride in the way we do business, including our properties and our tenants. We believe that success comes from doing things the right way. To us, that means several things.

First, we take pride in our tenants. We enjoy providing a culture that fosters success and attracts the most talented and inspired entrepreneurs. They bring quality stores to our properties providing shopping, employment and community engagement. Like our motto suggests, when they succeed, we succeed.

We also know they don’t succeed in a vacuum. Our tenants benefit from quality conditions that we provide. In turn, we experience more stability, less turnover and higher traffic. This allows our tenants to prosper and comes back on us. It is our understanding that success is not the byproduct of squeezing pennies, but investing in those things that matter and doing things the right way.

Because we value our tenants and what they do, we operate in a manner where they are treated as valuable members of our organization. Could we charge more? Probably. But, that would create a desire to leave our organization. We value them and the culture we create, therefore, we don’t exploit them.

We express this pride in our business model by maintaining our physical locations as well. By fixing potholes, roofs and facades we show the community that we value appearance and our impact on our neighborhoods. People aren’t as enthusiastic about shopping at a run down facility. We want to attract people, not push them away.

A stingy company might not consider spending money on aesthetics and infrastructure valuable. That money could simply become profits. However, doing things the right way and showing pride in what we do infuses us — and those we deal with — with a spirit that we feel has greater impact on our bottom line, especially over the long haul. By providing quality buildings and infrastructure, we attract the best businesses and the best business. We all succeed when things are done right.

We, at Eidi Properties, take pride in what we do. We have maintained our business model even during down economic times and are committed to doing things the right way. You can be confident that when you lease a property from us or if you visit one of our properties, you will find the building in excellent condition, including the facade, the roofs and walls, the paint, signs and windows.

The surrounding area will be well maintained, as well. We make sure the parking lots aren’t riddled with potholes, they aren’t dirty or poorly marked. We spend the time and resources keeping our properties up to date to such a level where everyone involved is proud. This is what it means to have pride in ownership.