At Eidi Properties, we work hard to make a difference within our community. Primarily, this is done through the development of commercial properties that create jobs, provide services, grow our economy and expand opportunity. We also extend ourselves into the arena of philanthropy. With our philanthropic efforts we try to mirror our business efforts, but shy away from publicity, because we believe the work is important, not the recognition.

Recently, however, we felt inspired to contribute to our community in a direct way through an organization committed to community development. We broke from our normal practice of giving in silence, because publicizing these efforts is worthwhile, due to the potential that the publicity will spur additional contributions and improve communal pride. Therefore we are proud to share publicly our recent 1.5 million dollar contributionto ProMedica’s Ebeid Neighborhood Promise.

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Today we announce an additional $1.5 million donation made by Ramy and Faye Eidi to the Ebeid Neighborhood Promise, which brings the organization closer to a $50 million goal. The initiative will focus on revitalizing neighborhoods. Learn more: 

We feel strongly that the Ebeid Neighborhood Promise is an effective way to support our community by revitalizing neighborhoods and developing the community — not by giving handouts. These efforts are programs, which symbiotically revitalize the community in a mutually beneficial cycle with business. It cultivates an environment where business reinvests in the community and on and on it goes.

The Ebeid Neighborhood Promise has raised nearly fifty million dollars to promote opportunities and cultivate an environment of success and prosperity. Ramy Eidi, founder and CEO of Eidi Properties, stated, “What is important to me is that it reaches families in need, especially children in need that may not have the opportunities, to give them the opportunities to have good lives and better lives,”

This contribution is in alignment with our work in commercial property, due to the fact that it fosters a thriving business community that raises us all. It is important to us that we help create the conditions for success and prosperity. This is in the spirit of teaching a man to fish rather than merely offering him a fish.

Rarely do we come across organizations which so effectively put their money to good use and create a multiplier effect. This contribution is like an investment, where the money grows and the dividend is lives benefiting. Due to these factors, we are not merely proud to donate, we are proud to publicly broadcast our support. We hope you will too.